Episode 004


This week we are reviewing the third episode of "Anne with an E."  We meet Gilbert for the first time in this episode!  We discuss what adaptations are. Rick even contributes his own adaptation of "Anne of Green Gables!"  We learn about L.M. Montgomery's first marriage proposal in "A year in the life of Maud," save a kitten from drowning in "Cat Corner," and round it all off with some lovely listener feedback.  Enjoy!

Episode 003


This is episode three of the Anne Heads Podcast. On this show we review episode 2 of the Anne With An "E" Netflix series based the Anne of Green Gables books.  We also talk about L.M. Montgomery at age 16. There is another edition of Cat Corner where we hear a story about a girl named Emily Starr being forced to choose between her two cats. And we finish with Listener Feedback.

Episode 002


Episode Two of The Anne Heads Podcast.  On this podcast, we review the long awaited first episode of "Anne with an E."  We also learn about the year Maud was fifteen years old.  And we spend some time at Cat Corner.