Episode 020


Welcome to Episode 20!  This week, Rick takes the reins and does all our research for "A Year in the Life of Maud!"  It's 1905 and Maud is struggling with winter depression.  Her grandmother and her are getting on each other's nerves big time and there is a lot of family tension.  But we also get to learn about Maud's childhood and two imaginary childhood friends,  Lucy Gray, a widow prone to jealousy, and Katie Maurice a fun little girl like Maud!  Both of them live in the bookcase.  Sound familiar?  There is lots of snow, lots of flowers, and a lot of strolls down memory lane with Maud this week.  We also hear from some of our lovely listeners!  Enjoy!

Episode 019


We are back with a REAL episode in our new shorter format!

This week we are reviewing chapters 19 through 25 of "Anne of Avonlea." It's good to be back in Avonlea with Anne and our other book friends!

Anne notices that Gilbert is growing up into a handsome man but she still doesn't think he is her "type."

Rick bemoans the lack of excitement in some of these chapters and the sugary sweetness of Paul Irving. Anne gets an unexpected visit from distinguished company whilst covered in feathers with a bright red nose. Anne and Diana wander lost in the woods and come across a fairytale stone cottage with anew friend inside. Anne and Gilbert help make the reputation of a prophet with a weather forcast that comes true.

And a secret from Mr. Harrison's past come to light. Enjoy!

Episode 018


We have missed you all and we're back!

Episode 017


It’s our seventeenth episode of The Anne Heads Podcast and we are reviewing Chapters 13 through 18 of “Anne of Avonlea.”

Anne and her friends go hiking and exploring and discover a secret garden! Davy and Dora’s uncle has delayed coming to get them again. Anne and Marilla can’t help but wish that he will never come! Davy is a handful but they love him. And Dora….well, Dora is as boring as ever.

Anne’s adventures with the A.V.I.S continue with a run-in with a greedy, corrupt neighbor who wants to rent out his fences for advertisements!
Anne finishes her first year of teaching school and learns that all her plans and ideals have gone out the window and experience is really the best teacher. She receives the news that one of her favourite authors is coming to visit Green Gables. She plans a wonderful lunch but things don’t go as planned.

The quest for an antique platter leads Anne and Diana on a funny adventure involving yet another rooftop accident.

Join in on The Anne Heads Read-along for the next episode when we will review Chapters 19 through 24.
In this week’s Year in the Life of Maud, we go back in time to 1904. And we learn about beautiful Prince Edward Island in this week’s Cat Corner!

Episode 016


Hello fellow Anne Heads! It's episode 16!  "Aren't you glad we live in a world where there are Octobers?" 

This episode we go back to Avonlea with Anne as we review chapters seven through twelve of "Anne of Avonlea" by Lucy Maud Montgomery.  History repeats itself as Marilla adopts orphaned twins, Davy and Dora Keith.  If she thought Anne was prone to getting into "scrapes," Davy is beyond anything Marilla even knew existed.  The Avonlea Village Improvement Society fights a case of "the blues," and poor Dora goes missing!  Anne has a terrible day and takes out her frustrations on Anthony Pye with surprising results! 

It's 1903 in "A Year in the Life of Maud."  We are only five years away from the publication of "Anne of Green Gables," and Maud is honing her craft, dodging her ex-fiance, and battling the winter doldrums. 

On October 17, 2017, Canada lost Gord Downie, a musical legend, the well-loved lead singer of The Tragically Hip.  Their song "Ahead by a Century" is the theme song for the "Anne with an E" series.  We take a few moments to pay tribute to an icon of Canadian culture- in much the same way as our beloved Anne. 

We finish up with some great feedback and talking points from our awesome listeners.  

Episode 015


We are back!  Our apologies for a longer than usual absence!  It’s our fifteenth episode and our first review of chapters one through six of “Anne of Avonlea” by Lucy Maud Montgomery!

Join us back in Avonlea, where Anne is sixteen years old and about to start teaching school!   She has cow troubles and meets a cranky neighbor and his parrot and is called a “red-headed snippet!”  Ouch!  That’s worse than being called “Carrots!”  Anne and her friends start a club called the A.V.I.S. (Avonlea Village Improvement Society.)  They mean to educate public sentiment and beautify their town!   Anne and Diana meet all sorts of people as they go door to door for donations to raise money to paint the town hall.  We debate the merits of corporal punishment in schools, along with Gilbert, Jane and Diana, and we sympathize with Anne’s nervousness about her first day at school.  The bad news is, there is a new Pye in town.  His name is Anthony and he thinks women teachers are “no good.”   The good news is, Anne meets Paul Irving,  a new student and a kindred spirit!  

It’s 1902 in a Year in the Life of Maud!  Maud is working hard as a newspaper woman and is suffering from overwork and depression.  Returning home to Cavendish, brings her back to the Island she loves.  She is steadily gaining ground as a writer, as we move closer and closer to the birth of “Anne of Green Gables.”  

We have a special section this episode where we tell you all about our first Anne Heads Literary Adventure.  We stayed in a Hobbit House just like Bilbo’s home in the Tolkien novels, lived the Hobbit lifestyle, complete with second breakfast, and had an adventure in the Elfin forest.   We spent the next afternoon with Pennywise the clown and then met up with our friend and listener, Erin and enjoyed a delicious tea and theatre production of “Anne of Green Gables.”   

Join us next episode where we will review chapters seven through twelve of “Anne of Avonlea,” spend a year in the life of Maud, and return to our regularly scheduled Cat Corner and Feedback sections.  

Episode 014


It’s Episode 14 of The Anne Heads Podcast! It’s also the final week of our reading of “Anne of Green Gables,” by L.M. Montgomery. We review chapters Thirty to Thirty-Eight, in which Anne ages three years, studies for a teacher’s license, recites at a concert, and wins a scholarship. We walk through the valley of the shadow of death with Anne when she loses one of the most important people in her life, and we cheer with delight when she finally makes up with Gilbert Blythe!

It’s the year 1901 in “A Year in the Life of Maud,” and Maud is working steadily at her writing, and climbing the alpine path of fame. She reminisces about her old boyfriends, visits friends and family and becomes a newspaper woman!

We meet one of Maud’s cats in “Cat Corner” this week, Mephistopheles. A.K.A. the Prince of Darkness!

We finish up with feedback from our lovely listeners as well as teasing our next episode when we will be reviewing a “Literary Adventure” which we will be experiencing next week. We hope you enjoy this episode!

Episode 013


It’s our lucky thirteenth episode!  If we were superstitious we would be nervous! 

 This week we review Chapter Twenty-Two through Chapter Twenty-Nine for our Anne Heads Read-along!  Anne enjoys a successful tea party with Mrs. Allan, takes on a dangerous dare from the infamous Josie Pye, meets her new teacher Miss Stacy, and FINALLY gets a dress with puffed sleeves. 

We discuss the merits of cultivating your imagination with Anne’s Story Club.  We laugh over Anne’s green hair….and Aimee’s “strawberry” hair.  Anne almost forgives Gilbert when he rescues her from a watery grave but her pride wins the day, and Aunt Josephine invites Diana and the Anne-girl to stay in her “sparest of spare-room beds.”

 This week we made some of Diana Barry’s delicious raspberry cordial!  Watch it here!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltdx6faJtKE  

 It’s the year 1900 in “A Year in the Life of Maud.  In a strange case of parallels, we read of Maud’s experience of a solar eclipse on the very same day that we experienced a solar eclipse here in the USA in 2017!!!  Must be something to do with it being our thirteenth episode!  **Insert Twilight Zone Theme here!**

Carissima is the first of many cat profiles in this week’s Cat Corner! Here about her many admirers and her admirable hygiene practices!

Thank you for all your fun and interesting feedback!  Keep it coming!  On the next podcast we will review Chapters Thirty through Thirty-Eight, which will take us to the end of “Anne of Green Gables.”  But don’t worry!  We have lots more in store for you! 

Episode 012


Well, Episode 12 is finally available, in spite of the fact that we may or may not have had too much “raspberry cordial” last night!

We review Chapters 15 through 21 of “Anne of Green Gables” in which we meet Gilbert for the first time and Anne’s slate meets Gilbert’s skull.  Diana overindulges on raspberry cordial as people are apt to do!  Anne saves Minnie May from death by croup, goes to a concert, and Anne and Diana jump on an unsuspecting Great-Aunt Josephine!  Addlepated Anne almost poisons the new ministers wife when she flavors her cake with anodyne liniment!

We learn about the year Maud turned twenty-five in “A Year in the life of Maud,”  and  we grieve with her when she receives some heart-breaking news.

In this week’s “Cat Corner” we take a peek into Maud’s scrapbooks and we finish up with lots of feedback about the controversial relationship between Mr. Phillips and Prissy Andrews and some exciting new literary adventures!

Check out The Anne Heads YouTube channel for our new “Cooking with Anne” video in which we make Diana’s Tantalizing Raspberry Tarts  


Episode 011


Wow! Episode 11 is a doozy! We just had so much to say!

We review chapters eight through fifteen of "Anne of Green Gables!" Join our Anne Heads read-along and participate in the discussion! We learn about Anne's trigger word -CARROTS!! And her love for puffed sleeves, she meets her bosom friend, Diana, is forced into making a false confession about a missing brooch, and tastes ice cream for the first time!!

"A Year in the Life of Maud" is quite intense this week. It's like a bodice-ripping romance novel! We learn about the passionate love affair of Maud's life.

There is a (long) short story in "Cat Corner" this week, about a mysterious garden, a scarred woman, A Very Handsome Cat, and a Gobbler!

And we finish up with feedback from our lovely listeners!

Episode 010


Welcome to our first podcast since we began The Anne Heads Readalong!  We are reading "Anne of Green Gables" by LM Montgomery- of course!  This week we are reviewing Chapters 1 through 7.  

We also tried a recipe from the "Anne of Green Gables Cookbook."  Chocolate caramels!  
Here is the link to our cooking adventure: https://youtu.be/BVAlPJPKqgs

In this week's "A year in the life of Maud," Maud gets herself into an unwanted engagement and is struggling with how to get out of it. In our visit to "Cat Corner," we learn about Daffy, the cat who sat on Maud's lap as she wrote "Anne of Green Gables."

We finish off with lots of lovely listener feedback!  We will be reading Chapters 8 through 14 for the next podcast, so send us in your feedback and insights on the book!  Happy reading!!


Special bonus "mini-pod" where we reveal the content of next week's regular podcast!

Episode 009


This week we are wrapping up our discussions on "Anne with an E" with some reviews of the series that we found online, both negative and positive. Nobody can remain indifferent to our Anne!

In "A year in the Life of Maud" we start to see Maud's writing career really start to take flight and pay off financially!

Since we still do not know whether or not there will be a second season of "Anne with an E", we have decided to theorize about what could, should, or may happen in the next season! We asked our listeners to send in their predictions and they delivered! Even Bridget the cat has a prediction!

We have a wonderful feedback section this week where we get to know some more of our listeners. We also announce the winner of the first Anne Heads Podcast GIVEAWAY!!!

Episode 008


Welcome to Episode 008 of The Anne Heads Podcast! We have come to the end of Season One of "Anne with an E" and are reviewing the last episode,  in which we are happy to see more of Jerry and are left gasping in horror and surprise at the cliffhanger ending! We join Maud in her twenty-first year in which she struggles with more lovelorn suitors, the measles, and the fulfillment of her dream of pursuing higher education!We spend time at Cat Corner with"Aunt Cynthia's Persian Cat," and finish with more awesome listener feedback and the last chance to enter our giveaway!

Episode 007


Welcome to our Lucky seventh Episode! This week we are reviewing the sixth episode of "Anne with An E," in which Anne saves a life and gets a mentor!
We hear more about Maud's crazy College shenanigans and her first days as a school teacher. 
In Cat Corner we visit the King Farm and try to appease a witch and save a cat's life!
We finish with more great listener feedback!

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