Episode 012


Well, Episode 12 is finally available, in spite of the fact that we may or may not have had too much “raspberry cordial” last night!

We review Chapters 15 through 21 of “Anne of Green Gables” in which we meet Gilbert for the first time and Anne’s slate meets Gilbert’s skull.  Diana overindulges on raspberry cordial as people are apt to do!  Anne saves Minnie May from death by croup, goes to a concert, and Anne and Diana jump on an unsuspecting Great-Aunt Josephine!  Addlepated Anne almost poisons the new ministers wife when she flavors her cake with anodyne liniment!

We learn about the year Maud turned twenty-five in “A Year in the life of Maud,”  and  we grieve with her when she receives some heart-breaking news.

In this week’s “Cat Corner” we take a peek into Maud’s scrapbooks and we finish up with lots of feedback about the controversial relationship between Mr. Phillips and Prissy Andrews and some exciting new literary adventures!

Check out The Anne Heads YouTube channel for our new “Cooking with Anne” video in which we make Diana’s Tantalizing Raspberry Tarts  


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