Episode 011


Wow! Episode 11 is a doozy! We just had so much to say!

We review chapters eight through fifteen of "Anne of Green Gables!" Join our Anne Heads read-along and participate in the discussion! We learn about Anne's trigger word -CARROTS!! And her love for puffed sleeves, she meets her bosom friend, Diana, is forced into making a false confession about a missing brooch, and tastes ice cream for the first time!!

"A Year in the Life of Maud" is quite intense this week. It's like a bodice-ripping romance novel! We learn about the passionate love affair of Maud's life.

There is a (long) short story in "Cat Corner" this week, about a mysterious garden, a scarred woman, A Very Handsome Cat, and a Gobbler!

And we finish up with feedback from our lovely listeners!

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