Episode 011


Wow! Episode 11 is a doozy! We just had so much to say!

We review chapters eight through fifteen of "Anne of Green Gables!" Join our Anne Heads read-along and participate in the discussion! We learn about Anne's trigger word -CARROTS!! And her love for puffed sleeves, she meets her bosom friend, Diana, is forced into making a false confession about a missing brooch, and tastes ice cream for the first time!!

"A Year in the Life of Maud" is quite intense this week. It's like a bodice-ripping romance novel! We learn about the passionate love affair of Maud's life.

There is a (long) short story in "Cat Corner" this week, about a mysterious garden, a scarred woman, A Very Handsome Cat, and a Gobbler!

And we finish up with feedback from our lovely listeners!

Episode 010


Welcome to our first podcast since we began The Anne Heads Readalong!  We are reading "Anne of Green Gables" by LM Montgomery- of course!  This week we are reviewing Chapters 1 through 7.  

We also tried a recipe from the "Anne of Green Gables Cookbook."  Chocolate caramels!  
Here is the link to our cooking adventure: https://youtu.be/BVAlPJPKqgs

In this week's "A year in the life of Maud," Maud gets herself into an unwanted engagement and is struggling with how to get out of it. In our visit to "Cat Corner," we learn about Daffy, the cat who sat on Maud's lap as she wrote "Anne of Green Gables."

We finish off with lots of lovely listener feedback!  We will be reading Chapters 8 through 14 for the next podcast, so send us in your feedback and insights on the book!  Happy reading!!


Special bonus "mini-pod" where we reveal the content of next week's regular podcast!