Episode 009


This week we are wrapping up our discussions on "Anne with an E" with some reviews of the series that we found online, both negative and positive. Nobody can remain indifferent to our Anne!

In "A year in the Life of Maud" we start to see Maud's writing career really start to take flight and pay off financially!

Since we still do not know whether or not there will be a second season of "Anne with an E", we have decided to theorize about what could, should, or may happen in the next season! We asked our listeners to send in their predictions and they delivered! Even Bridget the cat has a prediction!

We have a wonderful feedback section this week where we get to know some more of our listeners. We also announce the winner of the first Anne Heads Podcast GIVEAWAY!!!

Episode 008


Welcome to Episode 008 of The Anne Heads Podcast! We have come to the end of Season One of "Anne with an E" and are reviewing the last episode,  in which we are happy to see more of Jerry and are left gasping in horror and surprise at the cliffhanger ending! We join Maud in her twenty-first year in which she struggles with more lovelorn suitors, the measles, and the fulfillment of her dream of pursuing higher education!We spend time at Cat Corner with"Aunt Cynthia's Persian Cat," and finish with more awesome listener feedback and the last chance to enter our giveaway!

Episode 007


Welcome to our Lucky seventh Episode! This week we are reviewing the sixth episode of "Anne with An E," in which Anne saves a life and gets a mentor!
We hear more about Maud's crazy College shenanigans and her first days as a school teacher. 
In Cat Corner we visit the King Farm and try to appease a witch and save a cat's life!
We finish with more great listener feedback!

Episode 006


L.M. Montgomery wrote that "A head cold in June is an immoral thing."  Rick can certainly relate to that this week!  Congestion aside, he put forth a valiant effort and episode six was released on time!

In this episode we discuss the fifth installment of "Anne with an E" in which puffed sleeves and raspberry cordial play a part!  We learn about Maud's life in 1893, in which she is punched, has a poem published, and starts teachers college in Charlottetown!  Bridget treats us to a plethora of kitty quotables, and we hear from our lovely listeners and give an update on our June giveaway!  Enjoy!

Episode 005


Welcome to Episode Five of The Anne Heads Podcast- a podcast about all things "Anne of Green Gables" and  her creator, Lucy Maud Montgomery!  

This week we are reviewing the fourth episode of "Anne with an E," in which Anne talks to pinecones and fights fires!  We travel back in time to the year of 1892 in "A Year in the Life of Maud," where we find her making pancakes and breaking hearts.

 In Cat Corner, we rhapsodize poetically about our favorite feline friends, and we round everything off with listener feedback and news about an exciting giveaway!